When Should You Build Your Custom Home

When Should You Build Your Custom Home

If you are considering building a custom home, with that are a lot of decisions that you will need to make. One of the first essential factors to consider is the timing of when to build your home. Not only should you consider your own schedule and lifestyle, but also the season too. We have a few things for you to consider when deciding on the timing of your custom home.

Spring is ideal timing, but fall and winter have its benefits

Overall, spring is the ideal time to build a custom home. You get more daylight during that time of year than in the fall and winter seasons. Also, you have the added benefit of your builders not having to deal with extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold. However, don’t wait for the springtime to start the planning process. You’ll want to start that as early as possible. 

However, home building is a year-long business, so you don’t have to wait for the spring weather to begin this project. Building a home during the winter can save you costs, and your builder will be more available. It may be a slower process during the winter seasons, mainly if you deal with snowy weather.

Consider your personal timing.

While the spring may be the ideal time of year weather-wise to build your home, maybe it isn’t the best time of year in your personal life. If you have children in school, you won’t want to interrupt their lives too much with custom home building. Timing is especially important to consider if your custom home is going to be outside of your child’s school district. The best way to time this is to figure out when you’d like to move in and go from there.

Your finances are in order

You need to be prepared financially to build your custom home. Make sure you allow for any flexibility and costs that could arise. Be sure to pay attention to the market right now. We are in uncertain times with the COVID-19 virus. Not only are there health risks, but also the economy is also incredibly uncertain. So, talk to your lender and home builder to make sure this is the right time to begin this project. All these considerations aside, you must be truly ready to begin this type of project. A custom home is a huge investment. So you want to weigh all the costs and factors before beginning.