“My wife and I bought a spec home from Farabough homes about a year ago. Ryan Farabough has been incredible to work with from day one. We have had homes built in the past and moving to Tulsa is our 10th move, so we have quite a bit of experience with builders. There has not been an experience that even comes close to the level of service, professionalism and care that Ryan has shown us. Not only does he build a very sound home, but he stands behind his work. An example is that during one of our walkthroughs a few months ago to take care of some last minute warranty items, he pointed out several things that were not on our list as things that were not up to his standard. So, he added those items to the list and had his team come out to fix those items, as well. What builder does that? We wouldn’t have said a thing and we were happy, but he wasn’t and insisted on “making it right”. He takes a great deal of pride in his homes and is straightforward and honest. I know this sounds over the top and disingenuous, but my wife and I are that happy! We don’t have a dog in he hunt, but feel strongly that when someone gives great service, they should be recognized. If anyone would like to speak to me to get more feedback, please ask Ryan for my number, I would be happy to share more examples of our experience.”