7 Homebuilding Tips

7 Homebuilding Tips

7 Homebuilding Tips

Building your home allows you to modify your home to your tastes and needs. It can be an extremely time-consuming and sometimes stressful but unbelievably rewarding experience. Here are several tips to help avoid stress and get straight to the reward.

  1. Plan Meticulously

Planning is the most crucial step in the building process.  Plan your layout, flow of the rooms, lighting, number of power points, choose what direction your home will face, etc. Use graph paper or keep designs and layouts using Pinterest and other tools.

  1. Budget

Plan for more than you expect. Be sure to include these costs in your budget:

  • Land Price
  • Taxes
  • Building cost
  • Site cost
  • Loan settlement cost
  • Planning Fees
  • Finishing costs
    • Landscaping
    • Fences and gates
    • Mailbox
    • Cable and internet hookup
    • Meters
  1. Financing

It’s possible you will need a construction home loan. It’s essential to understand precisely how it works. A construction loan is much different than a typical mortgage loan. Mortgage lenders release all funds at once. Construction lenders will decide how much you need for each project and release funds as the jobs are completed.

  1. Research

In this case, researching means to know what you’re entitled to. Grants and credits may be available depending on your location or where you’re planning to live. Speak with your lender and local council for possible options

  1. Read All Documents

Please understand all parts of your agreement. Set a time to read over your contract with your builder and ask all questions. Hire a lawyer to look over your contract before signing. If any changes are made, make sure all agreed upon variations are well documented.

  1. Communication

Communicate well with your builder. Check-in and request regular updates on progress. Take pictures and document any problems. Always remain calm and respectful.

  1. Save

We’ve already discussed possible expenses and determined that you should budget more. This doesn’t necessarily mean to splurge. Shop around for the best prices on materials, fixtures, and appliances. When choosing your land, choose land that requires less preparation before building.

Now that you have your plan, have set a budget and started designing a layout, it is time to contact Farabough Homes, to begin with, the building process. We were recently named the highest rated builder in Tulsa. We like to let our work speak for itself. Check out our gallery or stop by our model home and enjoy a movie on us.